About Us


(Affiliated with NIOS, Ob1707117 & AI No. 170376)

We have a mission to educate people of all ages who have left studies due to any reason and want to continue study after a gap. We are here to provide them all the assistance. From Class 3rd to 12th, we are providing Open School Facility. 10th and 12th Class gives exam of only those exams in which you failed to clear.
हिंदी/अंग्रेजी माध्यम पढाई छोड़ चुके या पढ़ ना पाएं हो तो निराश न हों - आलोक लाया है आपके लिए कक्षा 3 से 12वीं का ओपन स्कूल जिसमे आप किसी भी उम्र में अपने कार्य के साथ पढाई भी करें ।

  • नियमित व स्वयंपाठी विद्यार्थी कर सकते है 8वीं -10वीं-12वीं पास ।
  • श्रेणी सुधार विद्यार्थियों के लिए सुनहरा अवसर ।
  • समय के आभाव एवं नियमित नहीं पढ़ पा रहे विद्यार्थियों के लिए साप्ताहिक कक्षाओं की व्यवस्था एवं पाठ्य सामग्री (हिंदी एवं अंग्रेजी माध्यम) उपलब्ध करवाई जाएगी ।
  • बोर्ड कक्षाओं में फेल विद्यार्थी केवल फेल विषय की परीक्षा देकर अपना साल बचाएं ।

Our Vision

To Build a World Class Educational Institution with all educational facilities which will cater to the needs from 3rd standard to 12th standard students through Open Schooling.

Our Mission

We provide Open School Education through various Open Schooling Service Providers under the name of ALOK Open School. Students become independent, good decision-makers, self-regulated and focus on the necessary learning, and are less stressed out. We always strive to provide perfect platform to become the launch pad of many students career illustrating our motto “Driving Towards Perfection.”

Our Objectives

  • To Eradicate School Dropouts and to become the premier provider of best quality education to people from all walks of life.
  • To build a knowledgeable society with better opportunities.
  • To provide proper service to all students of ALOK Open School.
  • To educate the underprivileged and differently-abled people.