Director’s Message

Director's Message

सफलता का नया रास्ता..

ALOK Open School has been pioneer in the field of Open School Education. Since our Inception, we have been providing best quality service to suit the requirements of the students. The most significant concern about Open School Education has been of providing Good Quality Education. We are still working to reduce the number of dropouts from school and make them eligible to attain higher standards in education as well as in the job.

Over the next few years, ALOK Open School will be working to

  • Develop Quality Curriculum Content along with the various Boards / Councils with which we have long term partnerships
  • Enhance the Quality of Open Schooling through the introduction of viable and cost effective models of Schooling and the integration of Quality Curriculum Content developed by various Boards.
  • Improve learner retention and success rate in Open Schools.
  • Develop and streamline policy that improves Open and Distance Learning and the Organizational Prowess.
  • Develop access to Open Schooling in Rural and Remote Areas lacking proper infrastructural facilities.

ALOK Open School shall play a key role for increasing the volume of access and will do so in a significant manner. Since Secondary (X Standard) and Higher Secondary ( XII Standard) students require more support than a University student, we rely on a extensive network of Open Schools, which supports the learners on a regular basis through contact sessions.